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"Free will does not mean you can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time."


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The force that attracts a body to the center of the earth, or towards any other physical body having mass.


Claiming the life of your dreams...for Real!

Brain Spotting (BSP) is a precise, elegant and effective Healing modality. It allows you to access parts of your brain that may be holding trauma or belief systems that keep you stuck, charged or continuously self sabotaging, and allows these blocks to melt away at lightning speed. It’s swift and profound impact is a powerful healing tool.

Combining this precise system with my highly intuitive work style allows us to work together uncovering the blocks to your fullest potential. It’s not unusual for clients to report an increase in their own intuition as well. 

Through Coaching services increase your happiness, creativity, satisfaction and success! Uncover your ‘Right Work’, generate more money in business and the arts. Release blocks and create the life you want.

Through our Styling services refresh your look to reflect The new you!

What Clients are saying . . .

“Brain Spotting with Denise Sims has been the most powerful body of Healing work I have experienced in my life! After two sessions, over a period of three months, ‘blocks‘ that have plagued me, for seemingly lifetimes, have melted away.

~ I’ve had a profound shift regarding ‘Acceptance’ in all areas.

~ I have gained a sense of inner peace.

~ I’m no longer thrown into panic or emergency by unexpected changes.

~ My color proficiency has increased. I can see a broader range of color!

I’ve done ‘personal work‘ for more than twenty five years and feel I’ve accomplished more in three months than the twenty five years prior and I’ve experienced inner Happiness unlike anytime before. Working with Denise and BrainSpotting has had a powerful and miraculous impact on my life!”

Thank You!

David Feinstein 


“My husband and I have had the deep honor to work closely with Denise on releasing deep trauma and programming. The depth of her work and the compassion she shares while holding powerful space for healing to occur is unlike any other healer or practitioner I’ve worked with. Both my husband and I are experiencing quantum leaps swiftly in recognizing old patterns and clearing out the roots that caused them. If you are ready to step more fully into embodying your Authentic Self and gaining access to your Peace, Joy and fun Denise will support that journey in a powerful and precise way! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”


Heather Powers



Love and Soul Coach “The Powers of Love”


”I decided to try ‘BrainSpotting’, (BSP), because of some deep seated anxieties I was experiencing at my new job, which were sabotaging my ability to learn and have a beginners mind. After just one session with Denise I had a pretty drastic shift in attitude which helped me put aside my ego. I am much happier for it and highly recommend BSP with Denise!”

Meesha Goldberg



My long time ‘Image Consulting‘ client, Maggie, had two huge family events scheduled back to back. Clothes shopping and packing had frequently caused tremendous anxiety. While preparing for the two events her anxiety spiked and decisions became more difficult. So, I suggested doing a BSP session. We did three sessions and Maggie’s anxiety diminished.

after the events I texted her “How did it go?”

“Hmmm. Amazingly calm, and more decisive packing!! I like it so much better without the anxiety of my head all scattered and freaked out!!”

I spoke with her later and she reported really enjoying herself, more than she had in a long time. 

I followed up a few months later asking her how things were going in the anxiety department. She said “Hmm, I haven’t even thought about it!”

It’s been truly amazing to witness the results people are having with BrainSpotting. Cliens are experiencing ‘A whole new normal’!

Denise Sims


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